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Brand Day - SYSTEX
MAY 5th WED. 14:00-17:15
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In this portion of the Brand Day, Systex Corporation shall focus on the transformations brought about by the IOB era. We will tackle how the human factor consists an increasing concern in the face of connectivity and steps in which corporations may take to prevent these risks, including the building of a human firewall. Following this topic, we shall walk you through the cybersecurity landscape post-Covid 19 coming from the hacker point of view, reflecting on the necessary measures to effectively safeguard our business environments.

Systex Corporation shall share its recipe of cybersecurity success: an evolution of passive reaction to active engagement, accomplished through faithful implementation of cybersecurity simulations, building awareness and developing an experienced team within the whole organization. We end the talk with a return to the legal aspect, directing thought to the scarcity of qualified cybersecurity talent in the country and how we, as a leading firm, are being the change to address this shortfall to ensure that national goals for cybersecurity and good governance are continuously achieved.


Brand Day - SYSTEX Agenda

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