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Taiwan's Cybersecurity Researchers
MAY 4th - MAY 6th

In Taiwan, there is no lack of world-class cybersecurity researchers. They have long been defending against hostile forces from around the world, while gaining international recognition for their research and analyses. Today, as geopolitical conflicts rise around the globe, they are sure to garner even more attention with their contributions to the international community.

We would like to express our gratitude to the numerous cybersecurity researchers who will be sharing their expertise at CYBERSEC 2021. The schedule for presentations by Taiwan researchers is listed as follows. Looking to master the latest in cybersecurity research? Want to get to know the style of Taiwan cybersecurity researchers? Don’t miss the following sessions!


Taiwan's Cybersecurity Researchers Agenda

May 4th (Tue)

May 5th (Wed)

May 6th (Thu)