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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

AgileLink NextGen WAN Management

Enterprises are more and more dependent on the network, and a single line is not enough. If the network is cut off, it will make great troubles and losses. If an enterprise is distributed in a wide area, the quality and fluency of network services are more important. How to deploy to achieve continuous connection, non-stop, improve traffic quality, it will upgrade transfer speed and reliability is more important.

Facing to rapidly develop Internet environment and business application model, UGuard AgileLink provides a management and control method, it different from the past WAN management equipment, and solves the long-time problem of poor utilization of enterprise WAN from a new perspective. UGuard AgileLink NextGenWAN Management (NGWM) equipment adopts deep packet inspection (Deep Packet Inspection, DPI) technology, which can identify more than 2,800 applications and more than 50 web page categories, allowing administrators to differentiate, from the perspective of implementing the resource allocation of circuit bandwidth, it breaks the traditional practice of using only source and destination network addresses.

Software-Defined WAN Management

UGuard AgileLink has launched the new WarpTunnel™ function, which facilitates managers to consolidate multiple lines into virtual connection bandwidth between multi-point offices, improving the rate, stability and quality of critical traffic transmission. When there is a line failure, AgileLink will automatically select a better quality line for data transmission. Ensure that at the moment of failover, even if the user is using the Internet phone, there will not be any interruption or delay.

In addition to Internet access and multi-point office connection quality, maintaining corporate open services is also an important point that cannot be ignored. UGuard AgileLink has a line status detection function. When the service line status is abnormal, AgileLink will automatically direct the service traffic to the normal line to prevent service interruption and cause business operation losses. Through the technical integration of domain name resolution and line status detection, the continuous operation of corporate services is effectively maintained.

Multinational Routing Service (UCloud)

The point-to-point VPN connection solution requires different considerations at home and abroad. International connections need to consider the connection policy of each country or the issue of line stability to ensure that important corporate services can be stable, effective and quickly transfer. AgileLink's UCloud service considers the international connection specifications of various countries for you in advance, and uses Software-Defined technology to maintain the quality and stability of the cross-border backbone circuit, ensuring the connection speed you purchase and the actual use Quality is guaranteed.

Automatic Event Response

Innovative event prevention mechanism, effective and automatic preventive measures are taken before you notice the occurrence of the event to prevent the continuous expansion of the event and affect the corporate network. Unlike traditional management solutions that focus on allocation and restriction, and cannot actively detect the precursors of the gradual expansion of events, UGuard AgileLink provides you with a flexible adjustment mechanism that automatically detects changes in the number of connections or bandwidth usage caused by abnormal behavior. Take corresponding restrictions to prevent the occurrence or expansion of the incident. When AgileLink's management interface prompts you the source of the problem, it is the result of the system taking care of the problem for you, which greatly reduces the burden of logging in to the management interface to find the source of the problem and deal with it one by one and improve management efficiency.

Historical Statistics Report

UGuard AgileLink provides a built-in historical statistical report function, so you don't need to spend extra to purchase statistical report information. No matter how good a control and detection solution is, historical records and statistical information are indispensable. AgileLink provides you with a complete solution. Whether it is line management, flow control, and anomaly detection, it also has built-in historical statistical report information. You can obtain all historical records and statistical information on the device to confirm the past corporate network usage status. Information such as Top N's access source, application usage, or access domain can be found in the built-in reporting system. At the same time, the built-in report also provides related statistical information and export functions, allowing you to easily click on the query conditions you want to apply and export detailed statistical data when you query the report.

Features :

1. WAN Access Load Balancing (support In / Outbound Multi-Homing)

AgileLink can provide the diversion function (L7 identification) of the application service, and can combine the line bandwidth so that the traffic can be effectively distributed to each line.

2. Circuit Detection and Failover

AgileLink can support more than 8 load balancing calculation methods, flexible and effective allocation of line priority order. Not only provides line health detection, but also provides a backup mechanism to ensure network stability.

3. Bandwidth Control of Apps and Websites

Built-in more than 2800 kinds of application and website identification database, effectively control network bandwidth.

Large-volume services such as video conferencing and Internet telephony can be allocated to lines with ample bandwidth to ensure that important services are not interrupted.

4. SD-WAN International Line Service

In addition to the commonly used MPLS and cross-border dedicated line services, AgileLink provides more cost-effective international line services, and has a complete platform to uniformly control line usage, reduce operating costs, and provide the best backup helper for companies to integrate internationally.

5. Application Identification Function

・Recognize 2,800 apps

・Built-in more than 50 web types

・Customize application features

6. Line Management Function

・Multi-line bandwidth consolidation

・Multi-line load balancing algorithm

・Line health detection

・Source address policy routing

・App policy routing

・Web address policy routing

・Built-in domain name query server


・Resource Record (RR) Health Detection

・Resource Record (RR) load balancing


・Multiple VPN connection integration

・Connection quality detection

・Connection health check

・Connection failover

・Redundant data transfer

・Packet delivery load balancing

8. Automatic Event Response

・Connection detection

・Bandwidth usage detection

・Cumulative usage detection

・Duration detection

・Cumulative time detection

・Flexible automatic time limit

・Enhanced automatic time limit

9. Historical Statistical Information

・Equipment resource history information

・Network interface traffic history information

・Top N usage sources ranking

・Top N application traffic

・Top N domain connection rankings

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