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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

How should companies respond to increasingly volatile security risks

Charlie Long/sales vice general manager, PIXIS

In the past ten years or so, corporate IT has faced various hacking attacks from the outside. Internally, internal staff lacked awareness of the crisis of security, which led to internal security loopholes. How should enterprises deal with the endless stream of security risks?

First of all, information security awareness needs to start with comprehensive training and education, so that employees are always mindful of security risks, and then it will be strengthened through the use of fully functional and continuously updated technical equipment.

According to the market's information security needs, most NAC (Network Access Control) products can meet the 80% coverage rate of the functions required by the enterprise, but after all, the types of industries are different. The information security functions required by each company are Difference. Therefore, the 20% coverage rate that cannot achieve the functions required by the enterprise is the difference in the demand for information security functions between industries.

Faced with the current industry NAC product functions in various industries, it is nothing but IP (IPv4 and IPv6) distribution and blocking management, Switch device management, terminal computer virus code and system patch management, end user AD management, and visitor management and many more. PIXIS Technology's PIXIS DSI products meet the basic functions required by the industry, are more committed to technical advancement, have obtained multiple patent certifications, and provide special features based on customers' actual needs, such as supporting multiple sets of antivirus software and their It is very practical for enterprises to update, block private APs from duplicating legitimate MACs, one IP with two MACs and one MAC with two IPs, automatically detect all devices, and display a topology map of the traffic used by each device. Required features.

The reason why PIXIS Technology's PIXIS DSI can more closely meet the needs of industrial functions is that PIXIS Technology's team has customer experience management in addition to the accumulated experience. Handle and solve the customer's worry on information security at the end of the operation. PIXIS Technology's team is also young, so externally, facing various evolving security issues that are rapidly evolving, it can respond as an amoeba and provide customers Fast and accurate customized services, in-house, actively training internal staff to improve professional skills, can more flexibly face the needs of various industries.

With the rapid development of IoT and 5G networks, the IPv6 network world is coming sooner. PIXIS Technology's PIXIS DSI system has the integrity, ease of use, and scalability, which can help administrators painlessly implement IPv6 or dual-protocol networks.