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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

Use the Enterprise Mobile Security Management Platform (MDM) to get a balance between corporate mobile security and mobile productivity

  Mobile security incidents have been reported frequently in recent years, usually because employees use mobile phones steal secrets. Whether it is taking photos or saving data in USB storage, it is easy to take away the company's internal confidential information and cause a great deal of business loss. Faced with such a difficult problem, enterprises need a MDM(mobile device management platform) solution effectively control mobile devices to achieve a balance between ensuring corporate mobile information security and improving mobile productivity.

  SkyMDM - MDM solution of XCome mainly includes:

(一)Basic function:

1.Mobile device management(MDM).

2.Wi-fi and network management.

3.Information security management.

4.Location service and tracking.

5.Mobile application management(MAM).

(二)Advanced application:

1.Monitor and alarm center:


(2)Report and Log management.

(3)Event alarm.

2.FOTA Management(Requires customized mobile device): Device Firmware update management.

3.Dual mode:

(1)Divide apps into work area and personal area.

(2)Data in Work area can’t copy paste to personal area. 

(3)Dual mode apps management and runtime permission control.

4.Geo-Fencing:Geo-Fencing control the device specific functions in specific location.    


   XCome completed the first set of customized MDM solution(Customized SkyMDM) in 2016 and launched SkyMDM(standard platform) in October 2018, which includes Cloud and On Premise versions. With deep accumulation of R&D energy and localized professional services, SkyMDM was successfully adopted by Taiwan's international semiconductor manufacturer, government organizations and well-known companies in Taiwan, China, Japan, and France. It enables enterprises to more quickly and comprehensively manage mobile devices through a single platform, and to improve work output and efficiency without leakage of data.