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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

Digicentre won the BSI cloud information security award having local advantages + international cooperation, eliminating information security concerns of the AIoT era

This year (2020), “Digicentre” is the only enterprises that won the cloud information security award from the international standard authority -- British Standards Institution (BSI), and was invited to participate in excellence organization recognition ceremony of the “2020 BSI InfoSec Standards” held by BSI to receive the award. Why was Digicentre the only enterprise that won this award, and what services did they provide to help the local enterprises in Taiwan? 

The special background of Digicentre: Existing services and competitive advantages 

“Digicentre” was formally the IDC, information security, system and network business department of Gamania, and is now the joint venture company of two listed companies, Gamania and Mercuries Data Systems (MDS); its technical team has 19 years of server operation experience. 

In recent years, in order to serve high-end customers with differentiated products, Digicentre gradually transformed from a traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Managed Service Provider (MSP), and its products expanded from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to “Information Security as a Service” Software as a Service (SaaS). 

In order to strengthen the security of cloud services, Digicentre not only imported the ISO 27001 information security management system, it also focused more on the security control of cloud services, including formulating cloud service security policies, establishing various security goals, implementing security control measures, performing educational training plans to raise the information security awareness of employees regularly and implementing the ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 cloud service information security and personal information protection international standard verifications gradually. By passing third-party verifications and obtaining certification from BSI, combined with its local advantages and industrial experiences, Digicentre is able to provide comprehensive help to Taiwan’s enterprises. 

The manager responsible for this project and lead the company to win the reward, CHIN CHIH HAN, stated that: “passing the verification is only a phased task, information security is the responsibility of every person in the enterprise that must be executed and focused on continuously in order to implement properly. In the future, we wish that Digicentre can expand the verification range and import other standards, and become the leader in relevant industries.” 

Editor’s Note: The British Standards Institution (BSI) was established in London by the Institution of Civil Engineers. It is the world’s first international standard institution and the only one established by Royal Charter, now called “BSI Group.” The well-known “ISO 9001 Quality Management system” and “ISO 27001 Information Security Management System” originated from BSI. 

Rushed to the cloud by the pandemic but full of loopholes? Digicentre can help!

This year, due to the pandemic's impact, many enterprises were forced to accelerate digitization and rushed internal operating procedures or external customer services to cloud. Since it was sudden, usually there was no time to take information security into consideration. Digicentre provides online real-time information security services that are able to quickly detect information security risks and defeat them one by one, allowing enterprises to use the easiest and fastest ways to protect the data of the company and customers. 

Digicentre provides information security service cloud solutions, helping customers protect information security comprehensively from two aspects: 

1. Cooperating with SecurityScorecard (SSC) to provide 7x24 monitoring service of information security risks 365 days a year, displayed to customers in a dashboard form and allowing administrators to quickly grasp the real-time statuses of the various aspects of information security. 

2. The use of the “Digicentre Multi-CDN Platform” can defend against common external threads, such as DDoS and DNS attacks etc.; layer 3, 4 and 7 protection functions are provided for DDoS and other types of protection such as WAF as also provided. 

SecurityScorecard (SSC) -- American information security cloud platform

Digicentre has provided information security services to the financial industry and SMBs for many years in the past and has transformed to professional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) recently. This year, it also became partners with SSC. 

SSC is an American information security cloud platform; many large foreign enterprises such as Intel, Google, Nokia, AXA, Disney and Moody’s etc., as well as some of Taiwan’s large indicator companies such as the semiconductor industry and the financial holding industry have also joined the ranks of using SSC. 

SSC uses big data and smart algorithms to accurately categorize the different types of information security threats and eliminate noises and false positives. The different types of risks include endpoint information security risks, network information security risks, patch cycle and malware IP connection messages (including malware and spam) etc. It also uses 10 key factors of information security risks to calculate the risk levels, then combines them with the big data previously mentioned. It then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict whether the enterprise will become the victim of data leakage. The SSC monitoring platform works all year round; whenever new threats are generated, warning notifications will be sent immediately. 

Enterprises that use SSC services can directly coordinate and communicate with third-party ecosystems on the SSC platform; the intuitive user interface allows customers to easily manage the network environment ecosystem's security. What SSC achieved is not only an information security risk assessment platform but also an accurate network information security risk management system that can be used flexibly. 

Digicentre Multi-CDN Platform

Since there are many CDN brands on the market, users must be familiar with each brand's attributes and advantages to find the CDN that matches their needs the most, which makes it quite troublesome for maintenance and management. 

Digicentre Multi-CDN platform provides “one-stop CDN platform management” services, allowing users to manage various CDN suppliers on the Digicentre platform, including Akamai, Verizon, CloudFlare, and other well-known CDN brands. There’s no longer the need to waste time exploring, comparing and managing many CDN services; they can be used simultaneously to fully exert the advantages of the different brands. 

Users of the Digicentre Multi-CDN platform can configure multiple CDN services simultaneously, along with suitable services and backup mechanisms, and switch to the best CDN service automatically according to the monitoring quality through the platform’s AI Load Balancing mechanism and the RUM (Real user monitor) smart monitoring. 

Digicentre’s CDN platform upholds the SaaS service feature, giving users highly free and autonomous management privileges to add or adjust CDN needs manually at any time. When temporary changes are caused by business needs, users will not be troubled by service contract periods etc., controlling costs effectively. 

In addition, the platform can recommend suitable CDN suppliers based on the location of the user. For example: local CDN brands such as ChinaCache and Wangsu can be used in the China region. 

Digicentre has your back in the cloud era! 

In response to the digitization of enterprises, more and more enterprises moved their data onto the cloud; it is an irreversible trend that developed even faster due to the pandemic's impact this year. The future will be an era where everything is networked everywhere; maintaining the stability of cloud data and protecting cloud information security will become keys to whether enterprises can develop and grow in the cloud era for a very long time. 

Digicentre Multi-CDN platform has the flexibility that a single cloud service cannot guarantee. It hosts the American SCC’s real-time assessment of information security risks, able to reduce related worries significantly a comprehensive cloud partner of enterprises.