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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Shi-Cho Cha/Professor, Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyChief, Taiwan Information Security Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

With the rise of “Internet of Things, more and more medical products provide internet service to upload and analyze the users’body measurement value in order to help users to let them know their physical health. However, it is difficult for users to distinguish whether the device provider store and process their data appropriately or not.

The Secure Computation Framework is consist of secure operator and smart contract. The hardware secure module provides a trustworthy execution environment to protect the confidentiality and privacy of users’data and write the result back to blockchain.

Through integrating the Secure Computation Framework, to upload the value received from IoT devices to blockchain and trigger the secure operator. When meeting the condition, the secure operator would trigger the webhook which would notify the specific server. Moreover, the data is encrypted so the user and secure operator who share the data encryption key previously can retrieve the data.