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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

5 advantages! Let Gaia Information become the best partner of Taiwanese enterprise cloud security services provider

Oliver Wu/CEO

As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, three security risks have also increased: 1. As the consumer behaviors move from offline to online, the distributed denial of attacks (DDoS) that e-commerce platforms face have reached an unprecedented peak; 2 .In response to the changes in data flow driven by the trend of office everywhere, if companies and employees do not have corresponding security awareness and actions, it will directly affect the security capabilities of the company; 3. The company begins to use automated services and reshape the network architecture to ensure that the business operation process is not. It will be interrupted due to restrictions on physical actions, and whether the security protection mechanism that arises in response is in place will directly affect the level of business risks of the enterprise.

"As the pace of digital transformation of enterprises accelerates, they begin to execute various businesses through the cloud service environment. It is an inevitable trend to use cloud services to improve and optimize corporate security protection mechanisms." Gaia Information CEO Wu Bingjun explained with DDoS attacks as an example. Consumers are increasingly relying on digital channels such as online shopping or online games. Malicious elements have begun to increase the frequency and extent of DDoS attacks. Pulsed DDoS attacks with traffic exceeding 300Gbps are becoming more and more popular. Compared with the previous passive attacks, With the help of cloud computing resources, enterprises can turn passive into active and effective defense, avoiding service interruption or the theft of smart data. "For example, we have completed relevant deployments in just half an hour to help game players block DDoS attacks with peak traffic up to 350Gbps/s, so that they can successfully complete the launch of new games."

In addition to providing companies with the ability to defend against DDoS attacks, cloud services also have four benefits. They are the use of cloud security protection services to help companies reduce the cost of purchasing software and hardware, and the use of (subscription) payment mechanisms to make companies better. The control of cash flow and the high deployment efficiency of cloud security services help to improve enterprise responsiveness. As enterprises move application services to the cloud, traditional security architectures are insufficient and must be protected by cloud security protection mechanisms.

""Information security covers a wide range of areas. Cloud security services are most suitable for defending against DDoS attacks, Bot Management attacks, and web application firewalls (WAF) that target companies’ external services. This is also Gaia Information Areas that have been focused on since its establishment in 2015.” For example, Gaia Information assists airline companies in introducing IMEPRVA’s WAF, Anti-DDoS, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to ensure that passengers can smoothly enter and browse websites during peak traffic. At the same time as completing the ticket booking action, it effectively defends against malicious attacks on the airline's official website and avoids problems such as information leakage.

The reason why Gaia Information is favored by enterprise customers is related to five factors, namely, it has a wealth of industrial practical experience, is comparable to international first-class talents, provides multi-cloud services, and is fast in deployment. All deployment tasks can be completed within half an hour. , And provide 7x24 Chinese/English online customer service. ""We are staffed by 40 front-line engineers to provide 7x24 online customer service. On average, a question will be answered within 15 minutes, even if customers use instant messaging systems such as LINE or WhatsApp to ask questions."" Wu Bingjun said.

The outstanding service energy not only makes Gaia Information the best partner for enterprises to build cloud security defense mechanisms, but also obtains many international original factory certifications, such as IMPERVA Taiwan’s only platinum partner, allowing Gaia Information to be the first time Obtain the latest products and resources to become the largest Anti-DDoS provider in the Asia-Pacific region, and turn passive into active defenses, such as assisting a real estate agent to block competitors from stealing hard-developed listings with Internet robots.

""We provide cloud services that include planning, construction, migration, information security, and maintenance operations."" Wu Bingjun said that Gaia Information not only acts as a proxy for many cloud platforms, such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure, but also targets public clouds. Different features and functional advantages provide customized consulting services for enterprises to accelerate the construction of new creation projects (POC) or new services. For example, the live broadcast platform can provide low-latency live broadcast services through AWS, and analyze the data viewed by users through GCP's BigQuery. The establishment of Hybrid Cloud allows enterprises to be more flexible in terms of operations and finances, and the team is more able to adjust the allocation of overall capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) on the infrastructure according to operational needs and IT budgets.

Wu Bingjun further explained that with the trend of enterprises going to the cloud, more and more enterprises are adopting containerization technology and starting to develop cloud-native application services. In this process, it is particularly critical to confirm the security of the code at the beginning. For this reason, Gaia acts as the world-renowned vulnerability scanning tool—Snyk. Whether corporate developers use Go, Python or Ruby for program development, they can scan the code through Snyk, analyze the relationship between the code and the code base, and keep it safe. The defensive energy extends from preventing security attacks to assisting corporate customers in scanning code security vulnerabilities.