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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

The invisible Risks & Threats were around all the time.

Currently we are facing not only a single hacker but a whole APT hacker group. We are not able to prevent hacker’s intrusion anymore. Unfortunately we are always been noticed that “we have been hacked” by incident happens. The only way we could improve our information security is take the initiative to understand our potential risk.

*Red Team Assessment*

Can we protect the most valueable once we are hacked? Red Team assessment can offer full-scopes, simulate the real-life threat actor, and against with Blue Team to validate the unknown weakness of enterprise.

“Penetration Test”

Penetration Scanning tool is a rigid tool, but the hacker is live with thousands of unpredictable minds. The way we can discover hidden vulnerabilities is relying on the white-hat hacker to perform the advanced penetration testing, so we can actually understand our risk and know how to fix them.

“Managed Detection & Response”

Our professional security consultant are expert on handling hacking incident, we can react to APT challenge before the incident with our MDR service, and provide immdiately response plan to prevent incident happens.

“Vulnerability Assessment”

There is always a security flaw that could be lead to be exploit but we never know, we could perform vulnerability assessment periodicity to find out vulnerabilities which we did not noticed, and our professional consulting service could also provide the most suitable solution for further improvement plan.

“Information Security Diagnostic”

Based on our consultant’s unique user-site experience, we will review the rationality of network / system management architecture, firewall policies and router ACLs to check the correctness of every rule. We will also do a risk assessment of current infrastructure against hacker’s intrusion and provide recommendations for improvement.