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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

NEITHNET step into the cyber security market, outlining new thinking for Cyber security


Combining technology, experience, and localized intelligence to launch NEITHInsight and NEITHSeeker

As cyber threats have increased every day, the issue of cyber security is a national security issue that must be dealt with while pervasive ransomware has terrorized enterprises and the government. In addition to well-known companies such as Formosa Plastics and China Petroleum Corporation being attacked by ransomware, it has also been reported that many well-known high-tech companies have also come under attack in 2020. Not only has this severely impacted the normal operations of these companies, but the attacks have also severely impacted their reputation. Even though most companies have established security mechanisms, the security appliance has also picked up the abnormal behavior of the ransomware. While warning messages are continuously being sent, information security personnel could not find where the ransomware was hiding. This is because companies lack a set of Indicators of Compromise (IOC) platform to assist their search and the information security personnel have insufficient professional and technical capabilities, which eventually lead to the unfortunate attacks carried out by ransomware.

Because of this, NEITHNET has gathered plenty of cyber security experts and officially announced the launch of NEITHInsight, an IOC platform that integrates global and Taiwan’s local intelligence; NEITHSeeker, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to help companies deal with cyber security incidents. The NEITHNET cyber security team has been involved in tracking the different types of hacker attacks and past intelligence about them. The team mainly focuses on the research of cyber threats and the R&D of technology. They are particularly good at analyzing large-scale network DDoS traffic and connection attacks, DPI network behavior packet analysis, and the behavior analysis of malware network attacks.

NEITHNET CEO ART Lin said that ransomware has terrified people as they began lurking in companies for months or even longer, silently figuring out the network structure and collect data to eventually attack at a preset time. Most cyber security devices will detect the ransomware's abnormal behavior and send out warnings during the lurking period. However, there still isn’t enough information from the warnings to help information security personnel to find out the hidden location of the ransomware. As a result, an IOC platform would help cyber security personnel find the files infected by the ransomware in the shortest amount of time, which is why NEITHNET launched NEITHInsight.

There are many IOC platforms on the market, but most of the intelligence is global. They lack supportive intelligence exclusive to Taiwan, which weakens the effectiveness of these platforms. In addition to retaining global intelligence, NEITHInsight also integrates a large amount of localized intelligence acquired from the Taiwanese network environment to effectively assist information security personnel in identifying attacks, shortening the time required to detect ransomware or malicious threats. Secondly, NEITHInsight's intelligence collection scope is quite broad. In addition to intelligence from external attacks, NEITHInsight also includes intelligence on ransomware and malware intrusion that can be distributed and reported back within the company, which makes it even more precise and naturally trustworthy.

It is worth mentioning that NEITHNET has also established a world-class cyber security laboratory (NEITHCyber Security Lab), which can verify the intelligence’s validity and even conduct back-testing analysis. Meanwhile, the Lab can also simulate real network environments to accurately understand malware attack patterns and their subsequent impact.

CEO ART Lin pointed out that in view of the insufficient cyber security talent around the world, most companies face the dilemma of having a large amount of log regarding these incidents and not having enough manpower to deal with them. That is why the company launched NEITHSeeker, which will hopefully help companies handle cyber security threats as fast as possible. NEITHSeeker automatically collects and analyzes the intelligence generated by the company's internal network and cyber security equipment, and can respond immediately when an abnormality is detected to control cyber security threats down to a minimum level and ensure the security of the company's digital assets. Compared with the MDR services of other companies, we are superior in terms of professional capabilities and experience. The combination with NEITHInsight's localized intelligence allows us to provide more effective cyber security services.

In face of unpredictable and attacks ever-changing cyber world , NEITHNET will focus on promoting NEITHInsight and NEITHSeeker in 2021, let more companies understand the importance of IOC platforms and MDR services and establish effective cyber security mechanisms to combat the ubiquitous threats.