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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

How to leverage Veeam to protect valuable backup data and remove ransomware threat at the same time

Wales Chen/Senior Systems Engineer, Veeam Software

Following enterprise's digital transformation, enterprise's IT environment infrastructure has gradually loosen itself from the traditional bound, and enter the virtualization or even cloud based micro service architecture. Quickly satisfy enterprise's need for flexable resource deployment.

On such dynamic infrastructure, if still using old method or even deploy the architecture that's initially designed for traditional software and hardware management, it'd become very easy to encounter many obstructions and difficulties, also it'd not be able to provide complete system and service protection.

Because of the covid-19 in Taiwan in these years, it has resulted in serious lack of resource and workforce, and also made significant change on the work style. And these changes have made the use of modern digital services become even more widely acceptable. At the same time, it also attracted the attention of hacker organizations even more because of enterprise's wide deployment of these applications. The attacks from hacker organizations are often hard to trace, for example the ransomware's encryption attrack on important systems or files, has resulted in ransom threat to enterprise.

It doesn't matter whether the ransom has been paid, enterprise must have a counter-strike method to deal with these affected systems or files. So as to protect its important backup file during the attack, and also at the same time be able to ensure the critical systems can be recovered and started up right away during the attack, to shorten the possible downtime.

Using Veeam solutions, enterprise can use the most cost effective method to lock its critical backup data, enterprise can also recover damaged system via the use of instant system recovery function. At the same time, enterprise can also trigger automatic virus scanning during the system recovery process to remove any possible virus attack.