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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

SYSTEX Corporation: Enterprises must rethink its strategy for post-Coronavirus lifestyle Constructing a safe digital and virtual operational process as the key to a sustainable enterprise

Jackie Chan/Vice President, SYSTEX Corporation

Looking back at the year 2020, the world has been enveloped in troubles related to the Coronavirus, which continues to change the way people work and live. In the past, companies were accustomed with traditional corporate routines like face-to-face meetings, interactive customer contacts or interviews with corporate staff, now it has been significantly replaced by remote interactive meetings; including contract signing, cash flow, and sensitive data exchange, etc… Online discussions with internal and external stakeholders have become the new norm; while these are observed trends, it is easy to imagine that the internet network, financial network, and transmission of sensitive information would lead to increased vulnerability to cybersecurity issues. With the heightened information flow, ensuring the adequacy of network security mechanisms and employee information security are important keys to company survival. 

Establishing a SYSTEX cybersecurity research and development team to create in-house solutions for corporate customer success

In addition to being the agent of many domestic and foreign cyber security products, SYSTEX Corporation also cooperates or engages in technology transfer with information security units in related industries, government and academia, such as the Institute for Information Industry, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Center for High-Performance Computing. A sophisticated cyber security solution is built through SYSTEX Corp.’s five core products: RedAlert, Cyber Center, Monitoring and Operation Center (MOC), SYSTEX Email Security Cloud (SESC), Human Error Insight System (HEIS).

SYSTEX Corp.’s “RedAlert” is a product of collaboration with the National Center for High-Performance Computing that is built on the Cyber Defense Exercise Cloud Platform. It simulates red and blue teams in cyberspace, where the red team plays the attacker role and the blue team comprises the organization/enterprise in test. The RedAlert operates as an SaaS which aids in strengthening cybersecurity through hands on exercises and simulations on cyber attack remediation. 

Cyber Center, a product of SYSTEX Corp., employs advanced big data and artificial intelligence technologies to effectively and accurately analyze cyber cases, providing businesses a clear picture of their cyber threat. Its Security Operation Center (SOC) integrates cybersecurity assessment, vulnerability assessment, social engineering simulation, red-teaming, and internationally recognized training programs, setting it apart as the leading one-stop service provider in cybersecurity.

SYSTEX Corp.’s Monitoring and Operation Center (MOC) is a real-time monitoring solution designed for various situations and fields, including long-term cybersecurity threat tracking. The system is backed by professional constants 24/7, providing timely services from the Taipei and New Taipei cities to protect enterprise property, control data flow, and flag threats when necessary.

The SYSTEX Email Security Cloud was designed on a user-initiative, to address the most common cybersecurity threats faced by Taiwanese firms. It integrates local and international benchmark products, and offers a subscription model to access an email security cloud. Furthermore, it contains diverse protection and customizable application models incorporating AI techniques into semantic analysis protection engine, malware, APT, URL, etc… , making it the leading Next Generation Email Security Cloud Platform.

Emails remain as one of the crucial communication tools of an enterprise, but have also become a prevalent route for cyber attacks. According to statistics, as high as 92% of suspicious emails contain malicious links that traditional “spam mail” cannot detect.

Over the course of history, the element of “humans” has been the most vulnerable and most difficult to manage. According to Gartner’s Key Strategic Technologies Report of 2021, topping the list of 9 strategies is the idea of Internet of Behaviors (IoB). Since the hit of the coronavirus, one can imagine the diversified internet behaviors and the resulting reliance on internet connectivity. We may forecast that a growing importance of data and analysis will be seen, elevating the vitality of data governance and cybersecurity. SYSTEX Corp.’s Human Error Insight System (HEIS) addresses these trends and offers a solution for security awareness training of the regular employee. The goal of the program is to fortify the enterprise’s cyber defense line through targeted and customized simulation training that collectively increases employee security awareness. 

Connecting with the cybersecurity startup space, cultivating hands on cybersecurity talent

In the face of constantly changing cyber attacks, corporations must abandon the “cybersecurity hardware purchasing” myth, instead focus efforts on the human factor. Cybersecurity hardware and softwares are merely supporting functions, humans are the true missing link to an effective cyber defense program. All employees must be equipped with security awareness in their day-to-day activities, and security personnel must also do their part to manage relevant programs in order for the corporate defense program to succeed.

A huge challenge in the industry has been the constant lack of qualified cybersecurity personnel. Cybersecurity is an extension of national security, which is the reason why the Legislative Yuan has approved a NTD 809 Million budget to build a national-level cybersecurity institute for professional training. The target is to become APAC’s revered cybersecurity talent and technical pool within 2 years.

We believe that although Taiwan has numerous excellent engineers, there is a lack of qualified cybersecurity personnel. Thus, SYSTEX Corp. aggressively invested in cybersecurity talent training and upgrading from the aspects of: R&D expertise, service expertise, and consultant expertise. Moreover, SYSTEX Corp. continues to invest in promising cybersecurity startups in Taiwan, hoping to maximize the synergy through complementing resources, to strengthen Taiwan’s cybersecurity landscape.

Create Taiwan’s national team to compete in the global cybersecurity market

Examining from the perspective of the RSA Conference (the world’s largest cybersecurity expo), the participation of various countries has increased rapidly in recent years, seeing new-comers like the UK, Israel, Germany, and others, aside from the host country USA. On the other hand, it is a pity that Taiwanese cybersecurity firms have yet to leverage this international exhibit to engage in the multinational market. SYSTEX Corp. has long observed and analyzed this market, starting cooperation with several overseas cybersecurity firms in 2019 in hopes of integrating a “Taiwan solution” to be brought to the international stage.