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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Insight

The Booming of Virtual Bank

Anderson Yang / CHANGING Information CEO

The rise of virtual and digital banking brought along great benefits for consumers by making banking services more efficient through the internet and mobile apps, which however inevitably became a major target for criminals. Therefore, cyber security is of crucial importance to the digital financial industry. 

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation has weighed in on this topic, and stated that  

“for strengthening the cyber security in stock transaction, it’s required to execute relative cyber crime preventions.” For example, stock dealers need 2Factor authentication when placing orders. The president of Changing Information Technology, Mr. Anderson Yang, has argued that the convenience brought by internet transactions should not be thwarted by overcomplicated methods of 2Factor authentication. Fingerprint recognition software is a perfect solution for financial institutions who wish to implement efficient and easy authentication of digital identities.

Fingerprint validation is just one of the methods in Changing Information Technology’s ID Expert security package, which constitutes a comprehensive solution for dynamic authentication including multiple tokens tailored to users’ scenarios and security requirements. ID Expert contains both software and hardware tokens to display a One-time-password (OTP), continuously changing passwords to strengthen security and offer efficient 2Factor authentication.

Additionally, ID Expert allows to monitor and analyze records of access through logs of successful and failed logins. Statistical graphs and notifications aid the user in examining and building cyber security.  

Besides offering authentication techniques, our company also offers superb methods for preventing the leakage of confidential data. Corporations exchanging data with flash drives are especially vulnerable for transmitting viruses and trojan horses in between network nodes. uSAFE management system protects flash drives and allows corporations to set up validation rules by restricting certain user’s rights and by limiting USB plugs, thereby being customizable customers’ needs. 

Convenience is an advantage of digitization, but at the same time carries the risk of data breaches. The fundamental principle of our cyber security solution is to enhance digital identity validation while strengthening flash drive management to prevent data leakage. These two elements allow to improve efficiency and efficacy, while also achieving cyber security. 

Mr. Anderson Yang and Changing Information Technology have been dedicated to cyber security for twenty years, and thereby built expertise in identity authentication, biometric authentication, e-signature (digital signature or e-sign), smart cards, mobile certificates, blockchain technologies, OCR, and many more. These tools are crucial for the further development of the Fintech sector. It is our mission to bring you security and convenience – implementing security and monitoring tools customizable to your need, while simultaneously retaining ease of use.