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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Enabling Trust is Enabling Sustainable Profitability

Many attempts to establish seemingly unnecessary procedure, which is usually labeled as “red tape” in governmental entities or enterprises, are in large part to place trust and ensure accountability. In case something unexpected or violations occur, there is someone to be blamed and held accountable.

The situation gets even worse in the digital world. Digital bits are invisible. We do not know whether malicious contents sneak in under the cloak of legitimacy. In this regard, we use accounts and passwords, SMS, policies and others to confirm identities. Verification is doubtlessly required, but as there are more and more accounts and passwords to memorize and nastier cyber and phishing attacks, enforcing harsher password policies resembles a hamster on a wheel. A report even shows passwords are the root of 81% of breaches. Only by thinking beyond the frame can we devise a way out.

Paradigm Shift in Trust

With passwords jeopardizing productivity and security, a paradigm shift toward the PKC‐based (public key cryptography) trust anchor has occurred. We no longer place trust in passwords. Rather, we place trust in cryptography; we place trust in a private key securely stored in a secure environment and never leaving its physical secure boundary. For more information, check out FIDO Alliance.

WiSECURE AuthTron enables painless fido (Latin: trust)

WiSECURE Technologies’ AuthTron product series is U2F and FIDO2 certified. It either supports password‐less login or heightens existing authentication methods relying on passwords.

On top of it, with WiSECURE expertise, we extend it beyond authentication. The built‐in crypto engine also supports encryption, digital signature, blockchain applications and others. For use cases, check out other videos in our channel.

In January, WiSECURE Technologies joined FIDO so as to develop password‐less multi‐factor USB keys. We aim for

  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Post‐quantum cryptographic implementation
  • Cognition‐based/Behavior‐oriented verification