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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Taiwan's Cybersecurity Researchers
  • May 6th (Thu)
  • 11:30 - 12:00
  • 7F 701E

From physical to digital and cloud: supply chain under attack

In the age of global economy, the supply chain also becomes global and distributed. And so are the threats to the supply chain. Attackers can infiltrate the supply chain at any stage of production, digital firmware updates or even software updates through the life cycle of the device. In context of cloud - the supply chain attacks have completely new face. Many cloud technologies and frameworks utilize building blocks. And any of those building blocks could be attacked. In this presentation we cover threats to supply chain: physical, digital, and virtual and illustrate those threats with real-life examples.

Cyber Supply Chain Security Hardware SecuritySoftware Security
Fyodor Yarochkin

Fyodor Yarochkin

Senior Threat Architect, Trend Micro

Fyodor is a researcher with TrendMicro Taiwan and holds a Ph.D. from EE, National Taiwan University. An open source evangelist as well as a “happy” programmer, Fyodor has strong interest in both offensive and defensive security. Prior to his position in Trend-Micro, Fyodor spent several years as a threat analyst and over eight years as an information security analyst responding to network, security breaches and conducting remote network security assessments and network intrusion tests for the majority of regional banking, finance, semiconductor and telecommunication organizations. Fyodor is an active member of local security community and has spoken at a number of conferences regionally and globally.