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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

US-Taiwan AIT Day
  • May 5th (Wed)
  • 16:25 - 17:00
  • 7F 701F

Ching Hao Mao

Ching Hao MaoPanelist

President, Cybersecurity Advanced Foundry

Dr. Ching-Hao Mao is the General Director, Cyber Trust Technology Institute (CTTI), Institute for Information Industry (III). He has great knowledge about data science and six years of practical experience in cybersecurity. Dr. Mao earned his Ph.D. degree in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and was a member of the Intelligent System Laboratory. He was a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests are network security and graph mining, more specifically, learning and inferring from a graphical model for causal relations of malicious network behaviors. He has published over 30 international conference and journal papers. He was also the Showcased Honoree in the category of Information Security Practitioner of (ISC)² Asia-Pacific ISLA program in 2016.

Lance Chu

Lance ChuPanelist

全球資安產品事業部業務經理, Cisco 思科