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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Yen Ting Lee

Yen Ting Lee

Threat Researcher, TXOne Networks

YenTing Lee is a Cyber Threat Researcher at the TXOne Networks IoT/ICS Security Research Labs. Before joining TXOne, YenTing was a Section Head at the Taiwan National Center for Cyber Security Technology (NCCST). He has experience in both ICS/SCADA and Cyber Offensive and Defensive Exercise. YenTing was a speaker at several internal cyber security training classes and conferences such as InfoSec Taiwan 2020.

Taiwan's Cybersecurity Researchers
  • May 5th (Wed)
  • 16:45 - 17:15
  • 7F 701C

Data Breaches Related to Critical Infrastructure - A In-depth Analysis of Cyber Risk to Taiwanese Critical Infrastructure

This research will collect publicly leaked data and share some of the traps and fun that we found during the analysis. We will also share how we have conducted big data analysis on more than 10 billion pieces of data from 200 plus datasets, with a particular focus on the analysis of data leakage and password habits of Taiwan's 8 critical infrastructure service providers. Finally, based on the in-depth analysis of our data, we will try to provide prediction warnings to high-risk CI sectors and vendors that may be invaded due to information leakage, and finally advise how to perform prevention and mitigation measures.

Big DataCritical Infrastructure ProtectionICS/SCADA Security
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