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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2



Senior Technical Manager, UPAS Information Security Inc.

Senior Technical Manager - Huang Yiru, has traveled all over Taiwan in the past two decades of information security and technology career, providing first-hand technical consultants, system construction and maintenance services to hundreds of customers from the financial institutions that manage tens of thousands of terminal equipment to large-scale industrial enterprises. In his practical experience, Manager Huang has accumulated special intranet management needs and its challenges in various industries, hoping to help more Taiwanese government agencies and enterprises improve their intranet management and information security in the future.

Targeted Ransomware Attack Forum
  • May 6th (Thu)
  • 11:30 - 12:00
  • 7F 701D

A Comprehensive, Joint Defense Strategy From your Intranet to the Internet

In the face of the global epidemic, digital transformation of enterprises is imperative. New business models bring new opportunities, but they also extend more risks. In Q4 2020 alone, over 10 listed companies in Taiwan suffered extortion by professional hacker groups. Tens of millions of dollars of Ransoms caused heavy operating losses. Against long-term latent APT attacks, traditional passive external defenses, such as anti-virus software and firewalls, are no longer sufficient. How can MIS and IT personnel, who stands on the front line of information security, build a comprehensive defense strategy? In this forum, the senior technical manager of UPAS will share the practical experience of UPAS engaged in intranet security management for nearly 20 years: from APT kill chain analysis, ransomware attack types, to each corresponding defense link, introducing a joint defense mechanism, in order to help companies resist targeted ransomware attacks in the post-epidemic era.

Network Access ControlRansomwareZero Trust Architecture
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