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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Jason Lai

Jason Lai

CTO, iSecurity Inc.

• Current position: CTO in iSecurity Inc. (25 years of Cyber security industry experience)

• Experience:

1. Worked as a PM at Financial Group of III for 10 years in 1996.

2. Worked as a Pre-sales & PM in iSecurity Inc., in charge of source code inspection and DLP service.

In early years, Jason was responsible for the development of financial projects. Nearly 20 projects have been launched such as main accounting system, large sums of amount EDI to e-banking. In particular, it emphasized all the transactions are completely accurate and safe. These experiences is more important and helpful for future projects.

At the present stage, we are committed to data protection, especially helping the high-tech industry to protect intellectual property (IP) and confidence, whether it is from internal threats or external attacks, through the best technics and professional teams, to provide the best service to customers.

Brand Day - iSecurity
  • May 5th (Wed)
  • 14:45 - 15:15
  • 7F 701E

Stop More Attacks -- Advanced Deployment, block threats ouside borders
Chinese Onsite

Proper endpoint protection is the foundation of data protection. Especially during the pandemic period, working from home becomes a trend to enterprises; SASA SCANNER Mail and CDR can prevent most phishing and malicious ransomware; and be ensured the risk of internet access security in the container of BufferZone. And finally, collocates with a full-view Digital Guardian, which completely supervise the user behavior of the endpoints, that is almost non-invasive, except the endpoints, the security of IOT devices in enterprise is often ignored. VDOO's security detection can help.

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